Thursday, October 4, 2012

North Carolina

The Terraces at Sarah P. Duke Gardens.
Hello friends! I just flew back from my trip in NC yesterday and although I absolutely loved it out there, I'm glad to be back home. What can I say, I'm definitely a city girl. Highlights of the trip included meeting my boyfriend's family and watching him catch big fish in the lake right by his house, trekking through William B. Umstead State Park in the rain, enjoying a visit to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, trying Carolina BBQ, having time to finish my book club book, and visiting the beautiful gardens and campus of Duke University.

While we were driving around Fuquay-Varina, I saw a bunch of signs for various candidates running. Two Republican candidates really stuck out: Fitts and Barefoot. This just really tickled my fancy. My mind works in funny ways because the first thing that came to it when I saw the Fitts sign was "if the shoe fits...". Of course being the level 78 pun master that I am it was more like "If the shoe Fitts...". Now, after my boyfriend brought to my attention the Barefoot sign, I couldn't resist but to add another layer resulting in the made-up slogan "If the shoe Fitts why go Barefoot?". I mean come on, you don't get politician names set up any better than that! It's like a pass from Kobe to Shaq for the dunk during the Lakers dynasty. It was gold. Pure gold. Alas, maybe in another lifetime I would have made a great campaign manager. 

With about 4 days left of my break, it's time to start getting back into gear. Happy Thursday!


  1. bahahaha I love the way your punny mind works! Looking forward to hearing more about the trip :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing you so I can tell you all about it!