Monday, December 10, 2012

Free Dress Day

So last week the intercom went *bing* and my principal announced that we were going to have a school-wide free dress day on Friday (I teach at a school that requires uniforms). After the announcement one of my girls says, "Woo hoo! I'm going to get a free dress tomorrow!" to which one of my boys responds, "That's not fair. It's only for girls?". Got to love working with those charming and innocent-minded inner-city 5 year olds! :)


  1. Hah! As a product of a non-uniform school system, I totally thought the same thing when I saw your post title. Hooray for free dresses (but what about the boys) lol

  2. Love it! Thanks for visiting our site...we've just added yours to our favorites :)
    Jill & Cathy from

  3. I've read a few of your blogs now and your musings can be quite amusing. I really enjoy your honest assessment of what you're going through. It's really good. Keep it up.