Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fashionate About Teaching

Hi Friends,

So I had some undercooked chicken this past Saturday and I am going to assume that that was the cause of a major (at least in my book) episode of food poisoning - the first of its kind since I've been alive! For a foodie and person who literally grazes 24/7, I've determined that food poisoning is indeed a fate far worse than death. I hadn't eaten food for two days and at that point I seriously had to ask myself, "Self, what are you?". I felt neither human nor alive. Regardless, I'm doing much better now and although I am aware that I'm long overdue for a teaching post, I thought I'd celebrate my return to eating solid foods with a F.A.T. post. Do you see what I did there? ;)

Spring weather here in San Diego has been a little tricky. One day it will be blistering hot and the very next day you'll have goosebumps all over your arms from the chill. It's times like these that I'm grateful for my secret superpower. That's right, be it my Southern California roots or some strange set of genetics, the bottom half of my body is actually more immune to cooler temperatures than the top half. This makes dressing for capricious spring weather slightly more manageable. For me, pairing knee-length skirts with a cropped jacket or long sleeve button-up easily combats the unpredictable climate change.

Look #1: Pick a simple pattern like polka dots and bolster it with supporting solid colors. I love the look of a soft burgundy to offset an otherwise simple black and white ensemble on days where you are feeling less monotonous.
Look #2: Here's the same idea of picking a simple pattern like stripes and using supporting solids to help the pattern pop. Same game plan, different execution. I think this outfit actually stands well with less accessories as there are a lot of things going on with the embellishment of the bow ties in the skirt and shoes which both compliment the bow tie detail in the button-up top.

Your turn! Try digging through your closet and look for a standout patterned piece that catches your eye and play around with some ways to showcase it. Thanks so much to my dear friend and guest photographer Melissa Krystel.

Look confident. Feel confident. Be confident! As always, thank you so much for reading.


  1. Super cute! Lovely photos, too. Both of these outfits would fit right in at my office so I'm inspired to get some patterned skirts.

    1. Please! You're so talented you could probably just make your own :).